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Frequently Asked Questions

What is EMSculpt NEO®?
It is a revolutionary technology that increases lean muscle and destroys fat cells in one thirty minute treatment. Patients contour their bodies with stimulated muscle contractions without surgery or downtime. EMSculpt NEO® is FDA-approved and providers are certified and operate under the direction of a medical director.
What is EMTone®?
EMTone® is the first and only device that simultaneously delivers both thermal and mechanical energy to treat all major contributing factors to cellulite. It has been proven that simultaneous emission leads to significantly higher impact on connective tissue than consecutive application of both energies. A great non-surgical alternative to cellulite reduction and overall improvement of skin appearance and physiological function.
What is Cellulite? What Causes Cellulite?
Deposits of subcutaneous fat within fibrous connective tissue (as in the thighs, hips, and buttocks) that give a puckered and dimpled appearance to the skin surface. Cellulite can be caused by increased cumulative sun damage and body fat, as well as skin laxity and loss of integrity and thickness of the skin.
Who Can Benefit from EmSculpt NEO®?
This treatment is perfect for people wanting to build lean muscle, reduce fat, get a six pack or a non-invasive butt lift. Patients frustrated by exercise or hours in the gym and feel like they could use some help reaching their goals can benefit from EmSculpt NEO®.
What Does it Feel Like?
It feels like an intense workout of muscles in the target area being treated. You can lay down, relax, watch tv, listen and have conversations during the treatment.
How Fast Will I See Results?
Results are felt right after the treatment, similar to an intensive workout of the target area muscles. Positive visible results for muscle toning are usually seen two to four weeks after the last session in the series of treatments. Positive visible results of fat reduction are usually seen 8-12 weeks after treatment. The underlying muscles require time to adapt and strengthen. Fat cells that are destroyed through apoptosis during the series of treatments are gradually and naturally eliminated by the body. Visible results continue to improve for weeks to months after the treatment series.
How Many Treatments are Needed to See Results?
The number of treatments required is dependent on your desired results and where you are starting in terms of muscle tone and undesirable fat.
How Long Does the Treatment Take?
Prior to your treatment, you will come into our outpatient treatment center for a consultation with one of our NEO Specialists. Depending on what questions you may have, your consultation will take between 15 and 30 minutes.
Is Any Pre/Post Treatment Preparation Required?
No. EMSculpt NEO® is non-invasive and requires no pre or post treatment preparation.
Is There Any Pain or Discomfort?
EMSculpt NEO® is non-invasive and requires no pre or post treatment preparation.

While pain and discomfort are relative and experiences will vary, EMSculpt NEO® involves minimal discomfort, if any. During the procedure, you will feel muscles contract with the treatment level gradually increased by the EMSculpt NEO® Specialist. After treatment, you will feel like your muscles have been worked. Any such feelings will be short-lived.

Can I Undergo an Treatment While Pregnant?
EMSculpt® and EMSculpt NEO® are FDA-cleared and has helped many people build muscle and reduce excess fat. However, the procedure is not recommended for everyone. Prior to or after a pregnancy, treatment has no negative impact on women. However, pregnant women are advised not to undergo a treatment on any part of their body.
Are There Other Contraindicated Medical Conditions for EMSculpt NEO®?
EMSculpt NEO® treatment is not recommended in some circumstances due to the electromagnetic effects of the treatment. EMSculpt® and EmSculpt NEO® isn’t an appropriate choice if you:

  • Have implanted metal, a pacemaker or cardiac defibrillator near the treatment site.
  • Have cardiac issues or a history of seizures.
  • Have a hernia or have had recent surgery near the treatment site.
  • Electronic implants (cardiac pacemakers, defibrillators, neurostimulators)
  • Metal implants including metallic IUD’s
  • Drug pumps
  • Malignant tumor
  • Pulmonary insufficiency
  • Injured/impaired muscles
  • Cardiovascular diseases
  • Disturbance of temperature or pain perception
  • Hemorrhagic conditions
  • Septic conditions and empyema
  • Acute inflammations
  • Systemic or local infection such as osteomyelitis and tuberculosis
  • Contagious skin disease
  • Elevated body temperature
  • Pregnancy, postpartum period, nursing
  • Graves’ disease

Real Patient Results

EMSculpt NEO® before and after images show the excellent results patients achieve with this revolutionary treatment. Unlike other body contouring treatments, EMSculpt NEO® is FDA-approved for nine treatment areas to reduce fat and strengthen muscles for a total body transformation.