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Fat Reduction + Muscle Building
in just 30 Minutes

Free Consultation and Trial value of $500

Sculpting for Every Body

Body contouring using EMSculpt NEO® at Body by Design, combined with fitness and our comprehensive nutrition program, is one of the most effective treatment plans available. Non-invasive, comfortable and discreet, our HIFEM+ RF treatments will help you create your dream physique. See why more and more patients are choosing Body by Design with EMSculpt NEO® to achieve their dream body. With more than 30 years in the fitness and aesthetics industries, our providers will tailor a plan just for you!

EMSculpt NEO®

The only treatment of its kind: EMSculpt NEO® brings you Radio Frequency (RF) combined with HIFEM Technology to simultaneously melt fat and tone your muscles. It’s two treatments in one and we’ve got it. Learn more about how patients like you got desired results with this safe, FDA-approved procedure.


Tighten skin and reduce cellulite using EMTone® at Body by Design. EMTone® simultaneously emits both radiofrequency and targeted pressure energy. It has been proven that simultaneous emission leads to significantly higher impact on connective tissue than consecutive application of both energies. A great non-surgical alternative to boost confidence and tighten skin!

Why Choose Body by Design?

We ensure our patients receive superior treatments and service. We hope to make each and every patient feel confident, comfortable and inspired! Body by Design is locally owned with more than 30+ years in the fitness and nutrition industry throughout the Western United States and more than 20+ years in the beauty industry specializing in skin care and medical aesthetics.